Orange Coup

[I decided to break the earlier post in two, one for France and the other for the U.S., with significant revisions to the latter, here.]

On November 1, 2020, United States President Donald Trump gave an unscheduled speech at 9 PM (Eastern) via all major media outlets. He reported that Vice President Pence and his seventh National Security Advisor, Barry Goldwater, had received secret evidence that a coalition of Chinese and Irani spies had hacked into the voting machine systems in several major U.S. cities.Trump said, “I have decided, I said to myself, I have to do this, I have declared a national emergency, and called out national police troops and coastal guards in these cities to surround and protect our sacred poles and federal buildings, where I will put all voting machines for inspection and retraining of spyware, malware, and virushuses.  I know a pole invasion when I see one, and I will build a wall around this one, a wall as only I can, and you know I will.  I’m not kidding.”

Later in the speech he said, “Due to the critical nature of this assault on our national shecuritry, my emergency will postpone the election until congressional, military and intelligence authorities and me of course develop a plan or establish a commission to find solutions. We’ll see what happens.”

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You get 61 trees for life


Nalini M. Nadkarni (photo source Univ. of Washington article)

In her 2008 book, Between Earth and Sky; Our Intimate Connections to Trees, Nalini M. Nadkarni wrote on page 43,
I calculated that the world supports sixty-one trees for each person on Earth [in 2005]. … When I told my husband […] he reflected for a moment and then voiced wonder that the ratio was so small.  “Each person gets sixty-one trees in a lifetime?  That seems hardly enough to supply just the firewood we’ll use in our woodstove for the next few winter seasons, let alone the lumber that’s in our house and the paper I put through my printer.”  His reflections […] reinforced the sense that I need to think about ways to look after my sixty-one trees, wherever they might be growing in the world.
To see how she arrived at 61 trees for each of us, see the two scanned images of her text below.  But first, this brief interstitial for democracy …

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