A Taste of Ukraine in History, Art and Music

This is a remake of my August 2022 post, “Bella Ciao – Obiymy – Embrace Me – Despacito – Do Something.”  I made one giant improvement.  I removed almost everything I wrote, and left it to the Ukrainians.  The old post is gone.

If you are new to this blog or perhaps did not get a look at them before, take another look at my posts about Ukraine.  There’s a lot of history in those posts, plus art and music.  I hope they raise awareness of the spirit of Ukraine.

What does Ukraine’s flag stand for?  NATURE.  Blue sky and yellow waves of wheat fields.

What’s on your flag?

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Disarming Disbelief – Playing for Change


They push the heart toward believing more about the world than it seems to want believed, something more believable — more real — when they sing about it, something we need them to sing about, to keep the spirit breathing, to strengthen faith and disarm disbelief.

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On Loving and the Seizure of a Balsamean

phs1 Buddy 20070919

Buddy, Prince of Balsamea

Balsamea’s new veterinarian, Dr. Nick Sherman summed up the change when he said of Buddy, Prince of Balsamea, “He’s a seizure dog now.”  That was the night he gave me a supply of phenobarbital, because Buddy had four general (i.e., “grand mal” or full-body) seizures in one day, February 10, 2015.

So he’s “a seizure dog” now, but he retains his royalty, and reigns here as ever.

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