Nature Therapy for SCOTUS of the American Soul

I want to share a comment/essay that I originally scribbled on the blog of Nan Yielding, author of the 2012 book, Things I Never Learned in Sunday School: Facts about the Christian faith that will surprise and astound you.  She wrote:

If you’re going to put all your faith into something, you need to thoroughly examine it to make sure your faith is justified.

… Of course, when I was a Christian the Bible was my source of truth. It was the “final word” and beyond it there was no discussion. In fact, anything that was not based on “Biblical truth” was most certainly from Satan!

However, once I got the courage to look beyond the “Holy Book,” I discovered there is a whole world of available information (historical facts) about the Christian faith. What I learned was so fascinating that I felt compelled to share.

Thank you, Nan.  As a former (more than 30 years ago) fundamentalist evangelical with the Christian & Missionary Alliance (I was not an adherent or member of the “Evangelical” political movement or voting block – I was politically inactive), I appreciate what you’ve done for our world.

My philosophy is now generic Naturalist, as a world view, not by affiliation with any organization, and not by adherence to any program or particular school of thought.  I sum up my personal brand of Naturalism as, “I don’t believe in anything supernatural.  Nature is super enough.”  In my comment on Nan’s blog, you’ll see this reflected in my prescription for a world gone mad.

You can learn about a formal treatment of Naturalism at

Naturalism as presented here is a comprehensive worldview based in a scientific, empirical understanding of reality. It offers a positive, rational, and fulfilling alternative to faith-based religions and non-empirical worldviews.

This website, Naturalism.Org, serves as a resource for those interested in worldview naturalism, its personal, social and existential implications, and its practical applications.

My comment was on Nan’s post, Can the Supreme Court Be Fixed?  As they always do, her post sparked a lively discussion by people with strong opinions, many of whom are insightful, well-informed, articulate, and fed up.

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