I live in a world of turkeys

This morning while washing hiking water bottles, one of our many wild turkeys enjoyed browsing the abundant wild food near the edge of the yard viewed from my kitchen window.

This is not an unusual sight here.  Common, really.  But not for me, and not for the turkeys, since they never get accustomed to being stalked by me.  I am never common to them.

Turkey photos at Balsamea, June 20, 2018, ~7:30 AM. CLICK ANY PICTURE FOR FULL SCREEN VIEW.

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Picasso, Schmikasso and Our Interdependence with Nature

People who will not sustain trees will soon live in a world that will not sustain people.–  Bryce Nelson

I ran across this Picasso piece while looking for something on pine trees.  I found it interesting, so I added it to my art collection.  However, for a nude-in-the-woods picture, there’s something better.

Pablo Picasso -1959 Nude Under a Pine Tree


The Balsamean, Watercolor – Communion with Pine Forest, derived from photo August 2010

I created this self-portrait during a manic fling about a year before I found the right medications.  It could be argued I was better at being me before, but a lot of people had a hard time with it.

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Actual Size

The Balsamean Forest Immersion, May 12, 2018

Actual photo of actual man in actual forest. Image spans a space about sixty feet wide, or about four car lengths. CLICK TO ENLARGE OR DOWNLOAD ORIGINAL 3510×2500 px IMAGE in separate window.  Copyright © 2018 The Balsamean; permission granted to use for non-commercial purposes.

It’s about perspective on the nature of things.

This photo post will be repeated each season, if I’m still here.  This one is spring, when the maple buds have just started opening (the tall skinny trees in foreground center).

“All that we are and will and do depends, in the last analysis, upon what we believe
the Nature of Things to be.”  –Aldous Huxley, The Perennial Philosophy