L is for Locust

20130918 Locust 1

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I don’t recall ever seeing any of these at Balsamea during the five years before the house (2010).  But they really love the house.  In September these critters adorn the exterior walls of the house at the rate of about one per horizontal foot of wall space.

They even outnumber our famous “daddy-long-legs” spiders, which also came with the house and love its pale olive walls, also especially in September.

Only once this year have I seen one inside the house, probably fallen from the kitchen door where they like to bask in the sun.       Continue reading

A is for Apple

God did NOT make little green apples. His mother did it.

(As a Naturalist, I have to make that point.)

Balsam_Fir_Trees_20050904_smallFor a place named Balsamea, you might think that A is for Abies balsamea, the scientific name for balsam fir tree, for which I named Balsamea, home of … you guessed it … The Balsamean.

B is for Balsamea.  A is for Apple.

(Why can’t the scientists just call it “balsam fir tree?”)     Continue reading