My name is Dennis Koenig, author of this personal blog, The Balsamean – Scribblements from Balsamea since 2012 and the new websites Balsamea.com — Journal of NISAH (Nature Immersion Science, Arts and Health) and TBQ (The Balsamean Quotes) since January 2019.

Balsamea is where I live, so that makes me The Balsamean.  Balsamea is a little forest refuge named for its most abundant tree, the balsam fir (Abies balsamea).  Balsamea is in the northern Adirondack Mountains.

TheBalsamean blog is mostly personal or lifestyle essays and amateur nature writing (including the matter of human nature’s biophilia), and some posts are just crap I haven’t decided to delete yet.

This blog has some mythology, philosophy, art, music, poetry, odd humor, and psychology.  It has some of my nature photos, and lots of great quotations used for making points or raising them.  The posts are few, but often long.

Dog-lover alert:  There are many pix and posts about or involving the life and death of Buddy, my canine companion from 2007 to 2015.

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