Good old new

I am aged,
Never old,
In a world
Ever new.
I know it,
Or wish it?
Dead trees
Live again
With me.

(Click to enlarge us.)  September 2018, in a playground I call CADIVUS, created from half a living big white pine that fell onto my trail called Whitetail Way, at the intersection with Blueberry Pass, on the southeast corner of Maplegate Square.  To re-open the trail, I cut away all the greenery and branches that let it become this “sculpture.”  Nature loves to mess around with the trails of Balsamea.

Sometimes she just decorates them …


The tiny goldthread flower.  We have a patch of them a bit farther along Whitetail Way, in a little opening in the forest canopy, a place I call Cladonia.  But this goldthread bloom was all alone in the middle of Balsamea Way.  It was the first goldthread I had ever seen, as far as I could recall.

There is no solitude in a forest, and it’s always newly populated.