3 thoughts on “Get vengeance. You won’t get hurt.

  1. I’ll post another interesting one that makes the case for the irrational policy on guns, and a rational answer. As for me, I want firearms and the possession and use of them to be regulated just like cars and drivers. Big part I haven’t worked out: no speed traps to monitor things, and other enforcement shortcomings. Looks like they are about to make a federal law restricting purchases to over-21, and the gun lobby is okay with it. What? You mean Congress has the right to take the Second Amendment provisions away from all 18-20 year olds? Damn! They did it to 16-18 year olds last time! Where is this abuse of gun rights going to stop? As with so many things, the hypocrisy is endless. I say possession should be limited to over 25, when the brain is almost fully developed.


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