The wicked game of religion, politics, wombs, and the lust for power

From renowned journalist Christiane Amanpour: “Frank Schaeffer once produced propaganda films that helped launch the Christian right [and the anti-abortion political movement]. Now he feels regret for what he calls an ‘anti-family’ movement.”

This is Amanpour’s recent interview of Frank Schaeffer.  20 minutes.

At the moment it has 350,000 views and 5,000 comments since posted on May 4, 2022.  And, from the dozen I looked at, they’re actually reasonable comments, not loony crap like a lot of comments in popular media.  I guess that’s because loonies don’t follow serious journalism.  If you like it, share the link and help reality catch on at least a tiny bit before the November 2022 and 2024 elections.  Thanks.

Christiane Amanpour’s show, Amanpour & Company, is almost entirely interviews with people who are either subject-matter experts or the subjects themselves.  She just did the first ever interview with the head mucky-muck of the Taliban, wanted by the FBI, never did a TV interview before.  He is a masterful liar.  It was disgusting.  He can pee on your head and politely tell you it’s raining.  But I mention it to show that Christiane can get people to talk on air that others can’t, or she’s the first.  I have great regard for her service to humanity by airing interviews that we really need to hear.  It is a CNN show, but aired also on PBS.  The full show is also available by podcast, and individual interviews on YouTube.  Each show usually has 2 interviews, one by her and one by one of her team, who are also among the best-in-class.

3 thoughts on “The wicked game of religion, politics, wombs, and the lust for power

  1. Again, no reblogging button. Please look into adding one. It took me a while to find it, and I cannot remember where, but please try. For now, I will post the link. Thanks for this. Meanwhile, I have been distracted from what I was going to add from Nan’s post. i can make no promises, but I will try to remember my thoughts..Or maybe I will just write a new post of my own, and you can re-blog it. We will see.

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  2. Had to think a minute to remember why I removed the reblog button a long time ago. The one I can remember was someone who reblogged everythiing from several unrelated blogs for no apparent reason. Sharing is one thing. Scraping is another. I also developed a distaste for almost all button options, finding abuses in or of most of them. I’ll look for the explanation I wrote. I rarely use the reblog button in other blogs, but it is useful and nice of people to offer. It is also nice of people to use it, which promotes the original blog. Your encouragement to reconsider the button is well taken. I turned it on. Thanks for your interest in my content. And I’ll email you about the properly named (in both countries) War of 1812. Normally I don’t email people from their comment traffic, but I see your address published in Gravatar. P.S., Scottie, I’m Dennis. Seriously contemplating “coming out” of anonymity, and with a political manifesto.


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