The Putin Circus and a child’s love of her homeland in song

Please share this funny Putin video if you like it.  That’s why I post them.  So you can share them.  This is the YouTube link to share: if you are not foolish enough to share the link to the blog post you are looking at.  Doesn’t matter.  I’ll never know.  But I do not mind at all being a fool for the glory of Ukraine, in silly ways and others.

Oh, I almost forgot to tell you … below the comedy here, there’s also the April 24, 2022 world premier official music video of the Ukrainian very young lady Alicia Kishe, accompanied by her father Timothy, singing the song she wrote, “Ukraine is a World of Love” sung in Ukrainian (a language that gets more beautiful the more you hear it) with English subtitles.  I think some people will like it; fools like me and otherwise.  Please share it when you get done adoring it.  Then adore it some more.  Let Alicia be Ukraine to you for a while.

TURN ON CAPTIONS (CC AT THE BOTTOM OF THE VIDEO WINDOW) TO SEE THE ENGLISH SUBTITLES.  It works best if you watch it at the YouTube site.  For a special treat, run them in full screen mode.

Vladimir Putin – Putin, Putout (The Unofficial Russian Anthem) by Klemen Slakonja

[The name Vladimir means “ruler of the world” or “ruler of peace.”]

Enough of the funny stuff.  Now for the heart-melting beautiful stuff, what you always come here for, of course …

Introducing Alicia Kishe, in Ukraine is a Beautiful World (YouTube link), her response to war, or one of her responses.  I think she will have more.

This is my own special still image capture from the video.  See if you can get a better one.  Nah.  Forget it.  This one beats all.

Alicia KisheHere and now on April 27, 2022, you are among the first people in the world to see this video, since it just came out on April 24.  As of this moment, it has had only 64,332 views, and I can’t find it published anywhere else yet.

Hey!  Wait a minute!  64,332 views in THREE days and no other web exposure?  That can’t be right.  Can it?  Hmm.  I think she may have a hit here.  She does with me.

Please help her get out her beautiful message.  Make it go insanely viral around the world, right into the hearts of all Russians, rising as it does like a mountain of sunflowers (Ukrainian national flower) from the bowels of war.  Share the link: 

Alicia is Ukraine.

I have not found her age, but she appears to be not more than 10 years old.

Hmm.  Now it says 64,384 views.  No, wait.  Now it’s …

Oh, never mind.  See how many it is by the time you get to it.  Share it, for Alicia, for Ukraine, for the world.

Glory to Ukraine.  Glory to Alicia.

You can help Ukraine.  See or StandWithUkraine for links to many safe, verified ways you can EASILY do that, and it should go without saying that every dollar counts.  Even my trickle.  I recommend the Come Back Alive charity, the International Rescue Committee, and the UN World Food ProgrammeThank you!