Anna Vorosheva wants help getting back to hell

Whether or not it is optimistic that we continue, we must continue.  –Hong Kong rebel.

Ukraine festive banner vertical cr2 enh 172x200In this recording from the BBC World Service Newshour podcast of 20220324, you can hear Anna Vorosheva, a 45-year-old resident businesswoman of Mariupol, Ukraine, talk about seeking ways to get back to the hell she survived.  She describes what she lived through in ways you rarely hear, with details we all should hear.  Her passionate explanation for going back she puts into one word: conscience.

Audio (7 minutes):

She wants help getting back:Mariupol condition 20220314b

#STANDWITHUKRAINE ( … official Ukraine website) says, “You can save lives, no matter where in the world you are.  A simple donation. A few clicks on your keyboard. A message to the right person.  Everything you need to help Ukrainians in their fight for peace and freedom – in one place.”

To the women …

The dead fight.  People dead in streets.  They fight.  They fight in me.  I am not dead yet.  –Unidentified woman near Mariupol, Ukraine.

5 thoughts on “Anna Vorosheva wants help getting back to hell

    • I hear a variety of things like it in interviews. Apparently “not dead yet” is a cultural theme, seen reflected in their national anthem …

      “Shche ne vmerla Ukrainy i slava, i volia” (“The glory and freedom of Ukraine has not yet perished” or “Ukraine has not yet perished, as hasn’t its glory and its will”), also known by its official title of “State Anthem of Ukraine” or by its shortened form “Shche ne vmerla Ukrainy” (“Ukraine has not yet perished”), is the national anthem of Ukraine.,_i_volia

      Which I suppose explains at least in part how they don’t see surrender as an option. Not as long as “the glory and freedom of Ukraine has not yet perished.”

      I note with interest that it says “the glory and freedom” has not perished, not necessarily the state. This may reflect the number of times in the past several centuries that they have been subjugated in various degrees and regional parts by the Kievan Rus (where Kyiv was the key city), by the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, by the Russian Empire, in part by the Ottoman and Austro-Hungarian Empires, and the Soviet Union.

      In any case, regardless of their confusing centuries-long history of challenged national identity and self-ruling legitimacy, Putin is flat out lying (more likely delusional) when he says Ukraine is not a country, something proven unequivocally by the fact that Ukraine is one of the 51 founding signatories of the United Nations Charter (China signed it first) and thus has been recognized as a nation by the world since 1945, seven years before Putin was born. So when some dim-witted American Autocracy Party adherent agrees with Putin, show them the website for the UN Charter Founding Members …

      And that’s your history lesson (er … speech) for today. Sorry. I know you’re the only one reading it, but I just have a lot of stuff about this to get off my chest because I have no faith in Americans (generally) to be willing to pay another dollar or two at the pump to deal with Putin. Yes, if it’s a severe economic hardship, we should subsidize those who can’t afford to pay more at the pump. Whatever. We did COVID financial rescue. Bailed out Wall Street, banks, airlines, car makers, etc. and continue subsidizing oil and corn, national disgraces. We can print more money and take on more debt to save Ukraine and the future of the world, too.

      We owe Anna our love. She fights for us. We are all in it whether we like it or know it or not and we’re not dead yet. The cost to us will not be fatal, will not involve inhuman acts on our cities, all manner of abuse and torture, from bombing our houses to shredding our bodies to starving our children to worse, things more unspeakable. We just have to share money and love to honor her sacrifice for us all.

      I hate — absolutely hate with vehemence and vitriol — what “America” (if it deserves the name anymore) has done in its serial wars all my life. In this one, not a war of choice, not one where we are the criminal nation, not one based on any lies but those of the war-criminal aggressor, we have responsibilities imposed on us that we must accept or say to Anna, “Forget it, Girl. It’s hopeless. Come here as a refugee. You’ll do alright here. You have business experience and white skin. Everybody will find your accent so cute.”

      Maybe I’ll write something like this in a post so that a few more people who don’t need it will read it. As I say, I blog for my entertainment … or my pain.

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      • As much as I’m delighted to provide refuge for Ukrainians, I live right on the US/Mexico border and witness those from Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua and other countries to the south get picked up and deported, though deportation can easily result in death. It sickens me.


        • In some respects our policy on the south border may be a bit like Poland’s, where Ukrainians are coming in by the millions but they are literally building a wall to stop the Syrians, Afghans, etc. coming across from Belarus. Wrong color skin, sorta. It’s more complex than that in the Belarus case, but the refugees are refugees, literally dying at the fence to get in. Then again, Poland’s president is a Trumpoid. As for our Latin America border, we simply cannot because we will not do the right thing there. Those in power would lose too many Q Anon votes. It’s a classic, “If only I would just do it, I could just do it.” The will is not there. I like referring to it as the Latin America border to stay connected to their Americaness. They are not aliens. They are kin. Forcibly Europeanized Indians just like the rest of the hemisphere, ghettoized to our convenience. The Great White Man just had more powerful weapons. Before long, this country will be majority black and brown. I hope they remember what they came from. Maybe California and the Southwest will break away and form a new country. The size and population would be like Ukraine’s. Nah. Texas would declare war on them for drawing away all their Mexican-American laborers. Let California do it alone and have proxy wars with Texas in Arizona and New Mexico. It would be so human.

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