Did Lockdown Spring Bring a Lasting Connection to Nature?

Some of this data confuses me, but the part that stands out as most important is the “noticing.”. I often refer to it as nature immersion, as opposed to nature visiting.

Finding Nature

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Many of us found a friend in nature during the first lockdown in Spring 2020 but new data suggests this was just a short-term relationship for some. The latest data from Natural England’s People and Nature Survey shows that levels of nature connectedness fell by 25% between April 2020 and April 2021, meaning fewer people reported feeling a part of nature.

It’s not that people have stopped visiting nature, as the proportion of people accessing green and natural spaces grew during lockdown and has stayed higher. As lockdowns eased, it’s likely that people took the opportunity to meet with others and engage in outdoor activities. But it seems that the boost to ‘noticing nature’ in the quiet times of April and May 2020 has diminished. The data shows a 13% drop in the percentage of people reporting they are taking time to notice and…

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2 thoughts on “Did Lockdown Spring Bring a Lasting Connection to Nature?

  1. I know I’m just not getting out as much as I used to. Part of it is it age, I know. Part of it is I don’t feel like driving somewhere. Part of it is I have been unwilling to have someone else in my car or to join someone else in their car. Just as I was starting to feel like I should go out again, the Delta variant hit. So now I’m back to pretty much staying home. I do get out in my yard, and that helps.


    • Yeah, times are weird when going for a ride in the country is risky just because other people in the car are breathing, and age really matters in this pandemic. Even with vaccination, the risk has risen by virtue of Delta’s breakthrough ability, and unvaccinated throngs keeping the pandemic going for everyone, and of the wearing-off shots needing “boosters.” I get a kick out of the word booster. It’s not a booster. It’s a shot needed every nine months like flu shots are needed every 12. Maintaining, not boosting. Anyhow, getting out in the yard is a lot better than none, especially if you can get into hands-on dirt kind of stuff. Fortunately, we have yards. Imagine the billions who don’t? Yipes. No wonder the world is a mess.

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