The News by Jack Johnson

~~~  Thank you, Lisa.  ~~~


Lyrics below …


[diegetic: occurs as part of the action (rather than as background), and can be heard by the film’s characters]

A billion people died on the news tonight
But not so many cried at the terrible sight
Well, mama said
It’s just make believe
You can’t believe everything you see

So baby, close your eyes to the lullabies
On the news tonight

Who’s the one to decide that it would be alright
To put the music behind the news tonight
Well mama said
You can’t believe everything you hear
The diegetic world is so unclear

So baby, close your eyes to the lullabies
On the news tonight

The unobtrusive tones on the news tonight
And mama said
Why don’t the newscasters cry when they read about people who die?
At least they could be decent enough to put just a tear in their eyes
Mama said
It’s just make believe
You can’t believe everything you see

So baby, close your eyes to the lullabies
On the news tonight

~~~ Thank you, Jack  ~~~

7 thoughts on “The News by Jack Johnson

  1. Si; touching song, but he’s written lots of good songs/lyrics.. there are snippets of wisdom in many…. Another good one was by Tracy Chapman, Heaven’s Here on Earth… The television in the restaurant is very loud, so it’s hard to think of other songs — a new playlist would be good – songs about the earth and its people – and animals…


    • Recently I spent all day with Tracy Chapman in my ears, and some videos, and listening two or three times to each. She has a mystical feel. I have a big list of songs saved or bookmarked that I should break up into playlists.

      Wash your hands. Heck, while you’re at it, wash somebody else’s too! New post about our new world coming soon.


  2. The newscaster can indeed cry, and while looking for info about Louisiana/Mississip I saw this and immediately thought of you – and your posts… Today is a hurried check but I have the new post loaded to read at home.

    Our ‘curfew’ starts at 2 pm and stretches until 6 am.. it’s been ice to have a silent city….


    • Re: your attempt to comment on the sing-along post … I pulled it because I worried that afflicted people or their friends/family would be offended by making fun of the disease. And I made changes to the new post (one-world) post-publication because I embarrassed myself with overkill and melodrama on every topic in it, ruining any effort at making a point. Forgiving myself for the fact that the original went out anyway.

      … More in next comment on this post …


    • It occurs to me again, significantly enough to say again, how generous you are with your time, mind and heart in following and commenting on my posts, including thinking of me regarding a month-old post.

      The bad news: the video above isn’t working. Try just sending the exact title of it. Then I can pull it up in a YoutTube search. Try reposting it here again if you want to.

      Yeah, even Walter Cronkite took it in the heart when JFK was shot.

      2pm to 6am … ah, you never have anywhere to go during those hours anyway, right? It’s not an actual legal curfew here (yet) and I don’t know if they would ticket you, but they want us to avoid all unnecessary travel (food, meds, etc. ok). Struck me funny when I was out on a hike Friday in nowheresville. I redefined “non-essential.”


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