Follow-up re: No Juice for Presidential Candidates in Syria

In my post on Thursday Feb. 20, 2020, Experts all over say shame on UN, international community, I wrote (referring mainly to Syria), “Now to queue up a recording of tonight’s Las Vegas Democrat presidential candidate debate and see how much air time they gave to striving to act decisively and comprehensively on negotiating help for our worst humanitarian crises around the world, or maybe just one of them.”

It was not on their agenda.  We can’t ignore that, nor the fact that the so-called “moderators” are not pressing for answers to the biggest cases of state-sponsored war crimes and humanitarian disasters in the world.  The “moderators” in these mockeries of debates are no better than the candidates they toy with.  They’re not debates.  They’re boxing matches.

We’re fortunate to have a reader here, Emilie, who wrote a comment on my prior post, pointing out Scott Simon’s editorial on the same topic on Saturday morning.  I added this to my earlier post, but wanted to make sure Emilie’s gift got seen, and I’ve added a couple more things here, to rattle Western minds with the bones of babies literally frozen to death in Syria:


It is so good to see someone in a position like Scott Simon’s take the presidential candidates to task for their neglect of the humanitarian crisis in Syria.

His speech concludes (listen to it below), “The suffering in Syria is emblematic of a new age of impunity enabled by the retreat of governments notionally committed to human rights and the rule of law. The suffering in Syria is a clear and present danger to the international order, setting a precedent for lawlessness that threatens peace and stability. For reasons of self-interest as well as morality, this needs to go up the agenda.”

Thank you, Emilie for the heads-up about Scott Simon’s piece on National Public Radio’s Saturday Weekend Edition program on Feb. 22. (click here for the transcript).

Simon begins, “For all the words uttered about urgent vital issues at this week’s Democratic presidential debate, one was missing: Syria.”

It’s only a 2-minute listen:

“… there is almost no mention of Syria in the current political campaign. There is very little by President Trump since he ordered the withdrawal of U.S. troops fighting in the Islamic State alongside Syrian Kurds. No candidate for president may see political gain in saying the U.S. should use its authority and strength to try to help end the slaughter in Syria.”

Scott Simon cites David Miliband, saying, “But David Miliband, the head of the International Rescue Committee, who was once foreign minister of the United Kingdom, believes this is not a time for responsible political leaders to be silent. The shelling in Idlib shames the Syrian and Russian perpetrators, he told us, but the silence in the West shames governments here.” [emphasis mine]

Thanks again, Em.

David Miliband of the International Rescue Committee also appears in this 3-minute excerpt from a SkyNews 22-minute report, Inside Idlib: Life Under Seige (below).

The full 22-minute piece from SkyNews lays out the case for the victims of the ongoing war crimes in Idlib.  Every day that our Congress and US presidential candidates ignore these globally critical matters — it does affect the whole world, and reflects the nature of our world — creates another pile of votes for Trump, Putin and Assad, because such hospital-bombing baby-killers thrive on the inaction of cowards.

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