Experts all over say shame on UN, international community

What do I say? Hey, there’s always another war. Get over it. Except for this: the human devastation of this war just keeps getting worse, and the UN and international leading countries aren’t doing anything (relatively speaking) about it. Syria is not a local problem. It is a global one, for a number of reasons. As we avoid responsibility for it, we condemn ourselves.


Below from Amanpour and Company (PBS Program hosted by renowned journalist Christiane Amanpour): Clip of February 19, 2020 interview, “David Miliband Explains the Humanitarian Crisis in Idlib”  (Idlib city and province in Syria).  He is CEO & President, International Rescue Committee

From the website: “President Assad’s offensive in Syria, backed by the Russians, has hundreds of thousands [millions, actually, 900,000 in the most recent bombardment of Idlib. There are 6 million in refugee camps, millions fleeing the country, and countless others displaced, with their children literally freezing to death] fleeing for their lives. The Human Rights Commissioner for the United Nations has called the Idlib assault ‘cruelty beyond belief.’ David Miliband, CEO of the International Rescue Committee, joins Christiane to discuss the grave situation on the ground.”

Click to see the video on PBS website

Now to queue up a recording of tonight’s Las Vegas Democrat presidential candidate debate and see how much air time they gave to striving to act decisively and comprehensively on negotiating help for our worst humanitarian crises around the world, or maybe just one of them.

AUDIO TRACK BELOW ADDED TO THIS POST ON FEB. 23, 2020, 4 PM, thanks to comment by Emilie below, calling attention to this editorial by Scott Simon on National Public Radio’s Saturday Weekend Edition program on Feb. 22. (click here for the transcript).  Thank you, Emilie.  I had the radio on but wasn’t paying attention.  Of course, Simon hits all the nails right on their heads.

Simon begins, “For all the words uttered about urgent vital issues at this week’s Democratic presidential debate, one was missing – Syria.”

It’s only a 2-minute listen:

“… there is almost no mention of Syria in the current political campaign. There is very little by President Trump since he ordered the withdrawal of U.S. troops fighting in the Islamic State alongside Syrian Kurds. No candidate for president may see political gain in saying the U.S. should use its authority and strength to try to help end the slaughter in Syria.”

Scott Simon cites David Miliband (above), saying, “But David Miliband, the head of the International Rescue Committee, who was once foreign minister of the United Kingdom, believes this is not a time for responsible political leaders to be silent. The shelling in Idlib shames the Syrian and Russian perpetrators, he told us, but the silence in the West shames governments here.” [emphasis mine]

Thanks again, Em.

13 thoughts on “Experts all over say shame on UN, international community

  1. I’m in line at a bank in Ecuador to pay a bill; the television on the wall is showing the noon headlines. First video is a horrific out-of-contrul truck – maybe a dump truck I don’t know – but big, and there was a crash and lots of people/pedestrians – and typical Latin American chaos – cameras showing the wounded and probably the dead and the masses raiding the debris/.. cameras going from the bodies on the street /curb to the debris everwhere and swarms pf people looting… I was one of few looking at the screen, and I was almost crying… then it moved to a new story/ and the next – all horrible scenes world wide, including hte auto -racing accident — and this song played thru my head – very appropriate for your posts as well:

    “Why don’t the newscasters cry when they read about people who die… the least they could do is…… tear in their eye…’
    Unfortunately it’s not make believe, and it is breaking many kind and sensitive hearts…

    • YIPES! I should have heard that, because I did have the radio on! I’m glad we do have somebody out there using a powerful bully pulpit to stand the ground needing stood these days. Thanks so much for the heads-up. I added it to the post and will mention it in another post.

  2. Keb’s song had me anticipating a momentous ending like deportation or granting citizenship. But it was about one thing, “This is my home, where I belong.” I half expected him to include a Euro-American White to show the contrast of what isn’t supposed to have a contrast. But the song does all that in a simpler way.

    The last verse in the Tracy Chapman song says “If you care, you will stand and testify.” Greta Thunberg took it all the way to the U.N. I wonder if they have regular conferences on the topic, where “regular people” are invited to speak. Sadly, I also wonder if it would matter.

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