Blog sharing and Like buttons no more

Because the Internet Age has developed in a way that makes everything about you into products used for abuses by unregulated hyper-capitalism (the National Religion of America, the other NRA) and all manner of spies, hackers, boneheads and creeps, I limit the amount of myself they can trade on.  This is reflected in the following blogging practices that apply to all readers here …



When someone clicks Like on a post, and their avatar leads to junk, deception or slime, I consider it to be spam of a particularly abusive kind because they know that thing stays there forever.

In the least, they want me to click on it.  Second, they want to have that permanent real estate on my website for others to click, which I can’t remove.  Doing a lot of Liking also gets the liker a boost in hits on their site, by algorithm and by actual clicks on the avatar.

Bloggers should have a legally enforceable right to delete and block individual Likers, optionally by name, user ID, IP address, web address, or designated words in names and profiles, similar to what we can do with Comments, because they add unwanted content to the site, trespassing on copyright protected ground.  You may like my landscaping, but you don’t get to put an advertising sign on it without my permission.  ESPECIALLY if you are a “make money blogging” con man!

I have wrestled with this matter for years.  I’m finally quitting the Likes business permanently.  There won’t be a Like button on this site again.

I apologize to those faithful followers who liked using it.  I liked it when they did, too.  Frankly, no matter how many Likes a post got in total, the Likes of a handful of special followers were a guide to me, a rating system.  One friend?  Okay.  Two?  Good.  Three?  Nice!  Four?  WOW!  None?  Obviously a WordPress malfunction, of course, definitely, indubitably.

Fortunately, those friends also participate in dialog with me, some even in the flesh, laughing eyes stuff.  That’s a 10 on the rating system, Nuala.

If someone truly appreciates something I posted, I will be honored if they post a simple comment such as, “I like this.”  It guarantees a visit to their blog if they have one.  I may even click on their Like buttons.  (I recommend using a secondary email address for posting comments.)

In any case, I write to entertain myself, so I get the juice even if nobody else does.  Seriously.  You should see the piles of unpublished stuff in the trash.  Even if I don’t amaze myself with their incomparable profundity, I had fun trying.  I used to call it verbal masturbation, but that was just a gateway drug on the way to sublime union with everything.  I know you see the effect in every word of my scribblements.

So ring the bells that still can ring
Forget your perfect offering
There is a crack in everything
That’s how the light gets in.
― Leonard Cohen


I hereby grant you permission to write crap. The more the better. Remember, crap makes the best fertilizer. ― Pat Pattison

Maybe you prefer not to post a public comment.  For a more private way to “like” a post or comment on it, or ask me something, where your address will be held 100% confidential (I’m big on privacy, and nobody else has access to my contact list.  Nobody.  Not even if they steal all my computing devices.), you can send me email via the Contact page.  The contact page offers the option to say you don’t want a reply.  You won’t open yourself to ANY email you did not request.  I have one or two better ways to amuse myself.


I don’t like it when a button I put on my site gets used by strangers to track, record and sell information about you, without telling us, whether you click one of the buttons or not.  Yes, they do that.

I hate to let mega-corporations sell my readers without a cent for me!

You’ve heard of “intellectual property.”  Now they want copyright to your soul, and you don’t own a patent on it, either.

My posts now have only these sharing buttons: Telegram, PressThis (WordPress), EMail and Print.  Telegram is an encrypted messaging service.