Team of international diplomats with advanced expertise to move out of the way all players in the way of getting massive — unprecedented — quantities of humanitarian aid to millions of Syrian people whose standard of living is literally dirt, and to get the incredibly wealthy nations of the world to deliver that aid.


Never mind.  I was just dreaming again.  To borrow some words of the unreformed Scrooge, we “great” nations would prefer to let the refugees’ plight “decrease the surplus population.”

While you’re at it, do it in Sudan, too.  I mean, how many decades are we going to keep hearing about the horrors of being Sudanese?  Guess what, you poor Syrians: look at Sudan and realize that your civil war (and proxy war until we betrayed our ally) is merely nine years old.

You Syrian children have a lot more suffering to go before we finally write you off for good.  You just have to accept the fact that we are a world of endless, perpetual, insane war.  This should not be a surprise.  We’re an insane animal.  Nature’s biggest mistake.

You may be better off dead.  What fascinates me is that I don’t hear you saying that when I see you interviewed in sound bites, in your tattered snow-covered tents stuffing straw into a five dollar tin stove serving your children gruel with no medical care and no possessions but what you carry on your back.

You’re just too damned human, beset with that indomitable human spirit.  Not me.  I’d have quit long before you; walk into the bombs, not away from them.  After all, humanity really is a waste of life force.  Just think what the world would be without us.  Nobody needing to be murdered, starved, slaughtered, poisoned, for getting in the way of the Great Ones.  No great ones needing power.

No way.  Not me.  I’d have slit my refugee throat.  I don’t have what it takes to live on dirt.  I’m not ashamed to say it, either, so that nobody wastes words about humanitarian aid for me, like these words here.

For months I’ve been getting this recurring notion to take a long news media fast, maybe a permanent one.  Let go of the world for a while, except hold on to the part of the world here in vast forests all over my town, county and region, where, if I were a starving refugee, I would not need aid from humans.  I could get it from nature.  I would not need to burn straw in a tin stove.  I’d have unlimited quantities of wood literally just laying around, without even needing a saw to cut it.  I’d have, in this area, unlimited fresh water gushing out of the mountains everywhere.  Yes, I’m considering letting go of the big world and just luxuriate in my precious little one, to be happier and healthier, even slightly wealthier, but I won’t get into explaining why it would make wealth.

Then I could say that I improved myself, and what’s good for me is good for the world, right?  I mean, if I can’t get my head around reality, what good am I to anyone else?  Maybe I’ll take up writing fiction.  Or is this fiction already, the fiction of believing anything or anyone actually matters more than me?  How senseless would it be to live in a world that does not serve me!

WANTED: Some refugees to share my land and my bounty with, if I can get past my selfish fears about doing that.  I’m an hour’s drive from Canada, if there’s an underground railroad headed up there.

WANTED: Tell me how I can help them.  Really help them.
  I’m sick of the insanity that says it can’t be done.  That’s exactly what I heard a U.S. State Department official say yesterday.  We can’t help those people in Syria.  What kind of imbecile of a diplomat says that, instead of at least lying, saying, “We’re doing all we can, and continually striving to improve what we can do.”  He didn’t even bother to lie, because he knows that we, as a people, as a nation, really don’t give a fuck anyway.

In “town halls” held by election candidates, and in the television blockbuster events called campaign debates, and in journalist interviews with candidates, how many times do you hear a question like, “What about our support of Saudi Arabia’s role in the creation of the worst humanitarian crisis in the world in Yemen?  What about the inhuman camps in Sudan and Syria and other places?  Isn’t the UN supposed to protect and defend people like that, even in a war zone?  Are we pushing the UN for that, or are people like Assad, Russia, Myanmar and the Saudi family too big for us to engage?  Are you going to engage the leading powers of the world to hold a summit conference about it?  What priority is it for you?  What legislation or policy or program will you pursue to deal with these massive humanitarian crises, which seem to just keep getting worse?  Not just deal with their crisis, but deal with our role in it, and our not caring about it.  Will you work to raise awareness of it?”

If such diplomatic efforts are underway, why don’t I see or hear anything about them in comprehensive news programs and documentaries on PBS and NPR?  Does Trump dominate the airwaves so much that we have nothing else to talk about?

If you have a link to a site where such an issue has been addressed by any current presidential or congressional candidate, I would be grateful to have it and will post it here.

2 thoughts on “WANTED:

  1. I’m on the border of Mexico where we deal with the plight of refugees not Syrian. I no longer have the energy to be the doer. So I quietly collect funds, clothes, food.
    And our lovely government is bulldozing the desert. Right through ancient artifacts and sacred sites. To build a pointless wall. Technology would do the job so much better, so more easily! And would cost a fraction of the wall.
    But it’s about that big display, not “security” of any kind.
    One wall is going across the last free-flowing river in the West, my beloved San Pedro, where I’ve wandered and picnicked for close to fifty years.
    So many fires to try to put out.
    And there are days I simply put my head in the sand for if I didn’t I would lose my mind.

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    • Thank you so much, Em. If I could dash to you from NY I would hug you, to salve the sting of compassion, and for condolence about the San Pedro.

      Thank you — another reason for the hug — for your defending and applying goodness in response to the evil that is slashing at masses of helpless people.

      In my post I responded to use of war and war crimes to willfully create massive civilian devastation. I aimed a complaint at the U.N. and “advanced” nations.

      YOUR AIM was a lot closer to home. It was AT HOME. You said this evil on the border is for political display (for power), not national security. I agree, and I’m convinced it is also out of pure hatred aimed at inflaming active and latent hatred rippling throughout our culture everywhere.

      I would love to see our current government radically shamed and sanctioned by the “free world” we supposedly lead. I’d love to see a lot of things that will never happen. But I DO see right there in the midst of the border terrorism, efforts and caring like yours that exemplify the heart to do good in response to hatred’s call to do evil.

      If the endurance of compassion weakens, the contribution made is still there, and the blessing goes on, with unknown amounts of blessing down the line from one person to another. But I doubt your “head in the sand days” are surrender.

      I guess one can hug another even if their head is in the sand, huh?

      How’s your leaning tree dilemma?


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