Leaf Melt Rumination and True Americans

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“Small things amuse small minds.”

Five inch long American beech tree leaf resting at the bottom of a beech-leaf-shaped hole in ice, Balsamea, March 21, 2019

It’s amusing how much a leaf laying under water in an ice pocket can conjure rumination.  It’s not the kind of rumination that comes with an unquiet mind, that sort of out-of-control thinking that spirals endlessly into itself.  These icy leaf ruminations are just notions that sift through the synapses for no reason except that’s what we’re made to do with observations of Nature.  We’re made to be inspired by Nature to see things that small minds miss because they don’t see small things, or don’t pay attention to them.

Too bad more small minds are not amused by more small things.

Small things in Nature, that is.


Was the leaf hot? Or was it another kind of chemical reaction that melted the ice around it?  Why was it hot?  Is that the right question?

Small minds don’t have room for small things.  It takes just a few big things  to consume all their space.  For example, single-issue or two-issue voters (such as guns and abortion), or personality politics fanatics, racists, xenophobes, and rabid religionists.  Y’know … Americans; or those reigning now.

I’m a member of the Order of American Nature Immersed Humanity, OANIH (pronounced oh-nee, of course, and a proprietary trademark), an institution with perhaps the world’s shortest mission statement, “Nature immersion.”

The Order works to proselytize people into holy communion with Nature, with not merely one immersive baptism rite, but continual immersion in Nature, with the intent of letting it naturally make us more human, and more human-rightly American.  That’s the creed: “Nature immersion makes better humans.”  In turn, better citizens, better culture, better government, better world.

Initiation into the OANIH fellowship is simple.  Say you are a member wanting to actively support the mission and help make more members (by spreading the Good News that Nature Loves You and sent its only begotten Earth to die because of your sins), and then you are a member.  That’s it.  Now go forth, prosper and multiply Oanihites.

OANIH has no membership fees or dues.  However, you will have to cover my humble food, lodging and transportation costs if you want me to do a mass initiation or speaking engagement.  I most want to do these in Switzerland, Hawaii, the Bahamas, Patagonia and Ecuador.

… and an excellent specimen of American beech it is! A TRUE AMERICAN!

Back to the leaf …

Even though the weather remained cold enough for the ice to remain frozen, on a few sunny days the leaf absorbed enough heat from the sun to make the ice melt just enough for the drenched leaf to sink into its own hole.

Copyright 2019 TheBalsamean.com

I would love to hear other explanations for this leaf sunk in its own hole.  Rational or irrational, with tongue in or out of cheek.

That’s because I believe in freedom of rumination, moderately loose associations between fact and imagination, democracy of ideas, Nature immersion’s nourishment of the human spirit, and amusement in small things for all minds great and small.

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2 thoughts on “Leaf Melt Rumination and True Americans

    • Great point. So the warming RATE has got to be naturally rising no matter what we do now. Honest scientists say they don’t really know how long it will take, and that it’s only an estimate that we have until 2030 to turn the gas off, so to speak. It is going to be a different kind of physical world, one growing riper every day for authoritarian-totalitarian-oligarchic rule. I’m strongly anti-war (I opposed the invasion of Afghanistan to take out the Taliban with whom we are now negotiating terms of their takeover — almost exactly as I predicted when I kept saying, “War with them won’t change anything.” Sometimes it really sucks to be right.), but if poverty and injustices here get bad enough, there will be a bloody revolution, and I will join it. Meanwhile my overt resistance to the current U.S. regime is going to grow steadily, especially for the 2020 elections. I don’t want to be asking a few years from now when the cultural disease becomes the norm like child obesity, “Why didn’t I do more?” I don’t much like me as it is.


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