Getting Life in the Fresh Air (Nature Writers I Follow #3)

I suggest that you fellow admirers of nature writing explore the blog, Life in the Fresh Air; An exploration of life, nature, creativity and tai chi, authored by Sarah on the edge of the Lake District National Park in northwest England, including her work in “poems, photos, painting and writing, inspired by nature, landscape, gardening and tai chi.”

In particular, I recommend these two poems, the ones that first caught my attention:



‘I want to write a poem’
never works for me.
I have to wait.
Continue reading this sweet poem about sources of creative inspiration —>


A hailstorm engulfed the woods.
I walked, … Continue reading this poem capturing the contentment in a simple walk … —>

The poet follows this poem with the highly quotable declaration, which I love, and which I affirm as truth:

You can always find contentment
if you walk far enough!

It says in a concise and memorable way something I’ve experienced countless times, specifically walking in nature, as implied in the context of Sarah’s writing.  In her poems as in this declaration, she encapsulates human immersion in nature.

Thank you, Sarah.

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2 thoughts on “Getting Life in the Fresh Air (Nature Writers I Follow #3)

    • She has a easy kind of poetry. I don’t read all the things I subscribe to (some blogs and some things by RSS), but I enjoy noticing a gem here and there. I guess it’s a sort of modern equivalent of magazine subscriptions and books on the shelf and newspapers that you never read all of. I don’t keep many books nowadays. The ones I do keep are ones I do go back to or are just sorta sacred one way or another.


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