Disarming Disbelief – Playing for Change


They push the heart toward believing more about the world than it seems to want believed, something more believable — more real — when they sing about it, something we need them to sing about, to keep the spirit breathing, to strengthen faith and disarm disbelief.



Visit The Balsamean’s Playing for Change Peace Picks playlist
(over 50 songs so far) on YouTube.

I support Playing for Change and invite you to consider it, too.


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3 thoughts on “Disarming Disbelief – Playing for Change

    • I use Amazon Smile instead of regular Amazon. For every purchase I make they send a donation to a cause of my choice. I picked Playing for Change. It’s not a lot, but I think they got nearly $2000 total in a year from all participants. For a small org like them, that’s significant.


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