Put a Woman in Charge (revised)

WordPress clobbered the previous post when I tried to add this note to the  reblog of Put a Woman in Charge written, illustrated and originally posted by Lisa Brunetti at Zeebra Designs & Destinations~ An Artist’s Eyes Never Rest, online home of an artist, naturalist and writer in Ecuador with a global heart, whose blog I would keep following if I could keep only one, for its beautiful offerings in education (in art and more), entertainment, and inspiration.  I wrote more extensively about Lisa in my May 27, 2017 post Nature Writers I Follow #1:Zeebra.

I should know better than use the reblog button instead of just reporting on the piece myself.  So just go to  Put a Woman in Charge and take the time to read all of it and enjoy the heart and the art of it.

1 thought on “Put a Woman in Charge (revised)

  1. This gave me a chuckle, so the reblog frustrations produced a positive result! Thank you, and thanks for your kind words here and for adding your feedback to the original post. Yours adds weight because of your military history (which I respect) — just because I think that the wall/any wall is very insensitive, I respect what others say if they have different feelings.

    Usually when I post about sensitive issues (snowden) most people stay mute – very few comments. People are often afraid to share their views with the world in sensitive issues. Ja, when ABC news asked me what I thought about Snowden, I smiled and said I thought it was great — plus he was telling us things that many people already knew – nothing is private any more, and your online activities are up for critique as are phone calls, etc… One should not fear for one’s life in order to be a watchdog ( i don’t like that word)… one should e able to stand up and say, ‘whoa, this is wrong..’

    The Nicaragua crisis is very scary, as that’s what happened, told to me first hand in person by someone who left with her family to live in Panama. She said that a demonstration was plannend, and the people knew about it – no big deal, and I don’t remember if it were police or military or what, but they showed up and started shooting…. one person killed was an older lady that the people loved, and that’s then the students got involved – to say, no! this is wrong.

    I have not checked to confirm, but she said that she and her children had gone to dinner that night, and that’s when it happened….

    Well do I get a prize for a very-lengthy comment? There’s not enough time to acknowledge all of the comments, as each one deserves an equal energy… but thanks for the reblog and passing along the message. and yes, I went to Youtube to find ‘Rita’ to send to my friend Rita, and the ”Put a Woman in Charge’ was the next in queue. I think its his best yet – there’s a lot to be said about getting older . (He wrote that song in honor of his mother who had recently died.)

    It’s raining – and I should get home… we’ve had mega rain this week…


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