Non-essential people

REALLY, who needs federal employees, anyway?

I offer this post to connect personally with one kind of public servant we discard when we cut off their agency funding.  I hope this helps readers feel … well, just feel.

Meet Jim Hudgins, who was the Michigan Private Lands Coordinator for the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service for 25 years.


“Overall, Jim dedicated 31 years to public service before retiring in September of 2018. We sat down with Jim a few days prior to retirement to learn how he became interested in wildlife conservation, what he thinks of his career, where his iconic photos have shown up and what his advice would be for others in conservation. Great wisdom from a great conservationist!”

I think you’ll see why Jim’s story just makes you feel good about true public servants.  That is, NOT the kind of public “representatives” we “elect” (buy) who keep getting paid and fully staffed in Congress and the White House when their failure to uphold their duty wrecks life for millions of innocent people for an indeterminate time.  Yeah … millions.  Think about how many are deeply affected by laying off the 800,000.

Think also about this pop-up notice I got at the federal government archives website when I went to check on something in the Constitution today:

“Don’t show again,” indeed.

Now for this lovable USFWS guy, Jim.  A 4.5 minute video.  Let his eyes do the talking in the final half-minute, when he’s indoors wearing a black shirt.


I’m so glad he retired in September, before the current insanity.
I’m sure he had seen plenty of it already.


Nature help us.


Oh, hell …

Take off your shoes, turn up the volume, and get immersed in just letting this bit of music play inside you from around the world, noticing how these people are immersed … it’s as much fun seeing them as hearing them.  Lyrics below.


… For the workers — take heart if you can — you matter
— you are essential —
—  I am sorry, embarrased and ashamed …

“What the people need is a way to make them smile”
Maybe this will help for a few minutes.  Play it again.

Listen to the Music (one version)
The Doobie Brothers

Don’t you feel it growing, day by day
People getting ready for the news
Some are happy, some are sad
Woah, now momma gonna let that music play

What the people need is a way to make them smile
It ain’t so hard to do if you know how
Gotta get a message, get it on through
Oh now mama gonna get there after a while (?)

Woah, oh listen to the music
Woah, oh listen to the music
Woah, oh listen to the music
All the time

Well I know you know better everything I say
Meet me in the country for a day
We’ll be happy and we’ll dance
Oh, we’re gonna dance the night away

And if I’m feeling good to you and you’re feeling good to me
There is nothing we can’t do or say
Feeling good, feeling fine
Oh, I’m gonna let myself unwind

Woah, oh listen to the music
Woah, oh listen to the music
Woah, oh listen to the music
All the time

Like a lazy flowing river
Surrounding castles in the sky
And the crowd is growing bigger
Listening to the happy sounds
And I got to let them fly

Woah, oh listen to the music
Woah, oh listen to the music
Woah, oh listen to the music
All the time


The performers: Juan Carlos Portillo, Caracas, Venezuela; James Gadson, Los Angeles, USA; D. Chandrajit, Kanchiouram, India; Tom Johnston, Mill Valley, USA; Denis Lisboa, Sao Paulo, Brazil; Patrick Simmons & John McFee, San Diego, USA; Lara Johnston, Los Angeles, USA; Tarek Ayoubi, Batroun, Lebanon; Ellis Hall, Los Angeles, USA; Char, Tokyo, Japan; Roots Gospel Voices of Mississippi, Hattiesburg, USA; Los Pinguos, Buenos Aires, Argentina; Massamba Diop, Dakar, Senegal; Mermans Mosengo, Kinshasa, Congo; Titi Tsira, Gugulethu, South Africa; Nicola Hakim, Beirut, Lebanon; Hiraidai, Tokyo, Japan; The Playing for Change Band, at the moment in Patagonia, Argentina; Rajhesh Vaidhya, Chennai, India; and several others not identified in the video.


3 thoughts on “Non-essential people

  1. P.S.: I support Playing For Change with regular donations because they are one of my sources of hope for this world, and because they light me up. Please consider helping them.


  2. Nice interview and nice song sung round the world! I think that this new ‘crisis’ is making people realize how important our natural world is, so maybe more people are awakening and realizing we should take care of our planet. Then there are others, already awakened, who are so affected emotionally that they are having trouble relating to others.. They are close to tears, hearts breaking not only for what’s being lost, but also for the hard-hearted-ness of some people in our world.

    Liked by 1 person

    • About the latter — the heavy-hearted trodden down by the hard-hearted — some of them have been depressed ever since November 2016. We should have started puking a year before that.

      Thanks, Lisa. Hope all is well for you equatorials. Your neighbors in Venezuela … not such good times there.

      Liked by 1 person

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