Mushrooms of Balsamea

I shot most of these pix in 2009, a banner year for mushrooms.  The two with the blue coffee cup (does it have to be coffee?) are chaga mushroom harvested from one of our birch trees this summer.  Click the first picture to open the gallery and see the larger views.  There are 49 pictures.

The last one, “Reincarnation of a Birch” looks like some sort of abstract painting.  It is an actual photo of fungi growing on a birch stump at Taylor Pond in Black Brook, NY.  I remember exactly where it was. 

2 thoughts on “Mushrooms of Balsamea

  1. These are gorgeous. Do you know if any are edible?
    We have few mushrooms here since it’s so dry. During rainy season a few spring up, but they’re quickly gone. I’ve never seen most of those you shared.

  2. I assume there are edibles among them but I have no idea which ones! If I was starving, I’d try the big white ones that I see squirrels eating. I don’t even know their names. That is, the mushroom names, not the squirrels. All the squirrels have the same name … Red. LOL.

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