Discover the Unsearchable

Sharing this brilliant piece of work,
with gratitude to the USDA Forest Service.

Alternate YouTube link for this video: Discover the Unsearchable

More videos at the discovertheforest YouTube channel.

See much more at: Discover The Forest Campaign


This PSA campaign aims to inspire tweens (aged 8-12) and their parents to re-connect with nature, experiencing it first-hand. … Nature gives teens the ability to explore, use their imagination, discover new animals and plants, and engage in adventurous play. Being in nature frees them from their crazy, scheduled days and offers the ability to get lost in something totally unmanaged, unexpected and utterly surprising. Nature instills a peace and calmness they can’t experience in their daily lives, and the more they discover the natural world around them, the more they will feel connected to the world and better understand their relationship to it.

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Many more cool posters at: Discover The Forest Campaign

Copyright 2018 Balsamea.comThe Discover the Unsearchable video reminded me to practice conscious gratitude for the boundless gift of continual immersion in Balsamea, and for the frequent “high” of random moments of “falling unsearchable” within it, or discovering that unsearchable world within myself where things just are what they are, without evaluation, without expectation.

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