Picasso, Schmikasso and Our Interdependence with Nature

People who will not sustain trees will soon live in a world that will not sustain people.–  Bryce Nelson

I ran across this Picasso piece while looking for something on pine trees.  I found it interesting, so I added it to my art collection.  However, for a nude-in-the-woods picture, there’s something better.

Pablo Picasso -1959 Nude Under a Pine Tree


The Balsamean, Watercolor – Communion with Pine Forest, derived from photo August 2010

I created this self-portrait during a manic fling about a year before I found the right medications.  It could be argued I was better at being me before, but a lot of people had a hard time with it.


Well, seriously … or as close as one can get to serious about this picture … I may be the best me now because now I’ve come to not care much who knows I made this picture, or who the model was in it, or that I need medication to avoid landing in the morgue.  What are they gonna do?  Take away my birthday suit?

Picasso annoyed me into publishing it.  Besides, as someone said, if you’re gonna blog, blog hot.  As I’ve always said, I blog for my entertainment.

The intent in the picture was one of various kinds of attempt at graphic representation of our relationship with nature, especially in the union of my soul with this forest.  I did not accomplish the graphical mission, but it was a nice try.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.  I like the picture, whatever it means.

Which would you prefer to hang in your library?  Me or Picasso?  Oh, be honest.  The whole thing is just in fun anyway.

If you have that perfect spot in your library or basement bathroom, this and other variants of the picture are available in 1600px format.  The original full size is lost to history, like some of Picasso’s better stuff.  Since The Balsamean picture has no remunerative value, I’ll try to figure out another way to make you pay oh-so-dearly for a signed copy of this unimaginably masterful piece of toying around with image software.

Oh!  I know!  Have you ever done any natural nature modeling?

The experiences people have making the photographs are healing and joyous, apart from the resulting photograph.  -TreeSpiritProject.com

An artist in this genre that I like is Jack Gescheidt, in his TreeSpiritProject.com –  “a celebration of our interdependence with nature.”  From the website:

The TreeSpirit Project is many things, including:   • A collection of fine art photographs by Jack Gescheidt celebrating human interdependence with trees, and all of nature.  Of course, people are part of nature; we human beings are not separate from the natural world as we often think or feel we are.  SEE MORE.

Ordinary, extraordinary people, all volunteers, from all walks of life,  bare themselves to boldly, playfully, feel connected again: to trees, to others, to themselves.  READ MORE.

The experiences people have while making the photographs.  Read Testimonials from participants who report incredible thoughts and feelings during TreeSpirit photo events.  READ TESTIMONIALS.

missionto raise awareness of the critical role trees play in our lives, both globally and personally.  READMORE.

Below is just one sample of many terrific works you can see at his website (there’s also a book coming).  He has many that I think are better, artistically, but this one has special appeal to me.

“Bay Consciousness” by Jack Gescheidt © 2010 Click for the gallery source image at TreeSpiritProject.com

If you love trees and humanity … or even just trees decorated with humans, you’ve got to visit the Tree Spirit Project Gallery.  While you’re there, if you’ve got a lot more income than me, order the book to support the project to raise awareness of our interdependence with trees.  Or just make a small donation suited to your blessings.  (I have no connection of any kind with Jack Gescheidt except as admirer of his work.  Promoting him here is my donation for now.)

More Balsamea self-portraits to come soon: The Balsamean Moon Series, created from 2005 to 2017, cool stuff that outshines this post like the moon outshines the stars.  (Saving the best for last, like Christianity does for its adherents.)

Any questions?

Trees purify the air; they also purify the mind
. . . if you want to save your world, you must save the trees.

– The Trees of Endor, J.R.R. Tolkien

Back to that other question, just for academic research purposes, you know, of course: Have you ever done any all-natural nature communion artist modeling?  Was it as fun as you’d hoped?  How were the bugs?

If Jack Gescheidt came to town seeking volunteers for his next shoot, would you sign up?  How many friends would you ask to join you?  Yeah, I’m having fun just asking.  Why else ask?

With warm regards,
wishing you a day even more fun and happier than mine,
The Balsamean

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