Actual Size

The Balsamean Forest Immersion, May 12, 2018

Actual photo of actual man in actual forest. Image spans a space about sixty feet wide, or about four car lengths. CLICK TO ENLARGE OR DOWNLOAD ORIGINAL 3510×2500 px IMAGE in separate window.  Copyright © 2018 The Balsamean; permission granted to use for non-commercial purposes.

It’s about perspective on the nature of things.

This photo post will be repeated each season, if I’m still here.  This one is spring, when the maple buds have just started opening (the tall skinny trees in foreground center).

“All that we are and will and do depends, in the last analysis, upon what we believe
the Nature of Things to be.”  –Aldous Huxley, The Perennial Philosophy

4 thoughts on “Actual Size

  1. It’s great to see you back posting , though the last post gave me a reject notification.. I’ll try again, perhaps the kinks have worked their way out and will allow me entrance!

    It’s been a long winter up there, but with the longer days of sunshine, I hope that things are looking brighter!

    • Hi Lisa. Winter has been internal as well as external, but Spring is working the same way; i.e., renewal, etc. Still, writing seems to have gone kaput for me for now. It comes and goes over the years. I suppose it will come again. I’m amazed at the richness of your posts, and what they represent of your local and regional realities. Ecuador is lucky to have you.

      • It’s good to get an update, and for sure you will find that spark again… one of my regrets is that – due to a soul-load of challenges – i did not paint for almost 7 years.. I call that my incubation period, yet honestly, I regret that I allowed those challenges to be more powerful than my gifts of art…. the will to paint just wasn’t there, and i knew when it returned I’d be ‘well.’ the smile is definitely back in the heart, lessons learned, and the main lesson was ‘don’t give your power to outside circumstances and let those events live rent free in your psyche…’

        you write well, and perhaps now just not anything to share with the world….

        • Thank you, Lisa. Maybe if I raise the rent on my psyche I’ll get a better clientele! Yeah, that strikes a resonant chord: nothing to say to the world. (The world seems surreal since Trump.) There’s all that stuff I think about writing, then there’s the stuff that really want to be written, the form ready to emerge from the stone. An incubation time also makes sense. I am only an egg. (To swipe a Heinlein line.) When you cracked that shell, it sure birthed a creative genius.

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