Fall Favorite Fifty at Five Hundred

Here are 50 of my favorite autumn color photos taken at Balsamea, at 500 pixels wide (or tall). If you’ve followed this blog a long time, you’ve seen these before. However, most of them managed to disappear from the blog, so, for the record, here they are again.

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Fall Color-33-20120928 fall color 22-500px

The Balsamaple Tree

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I know that some of these pictures seem redundant, but that’s just all in your head.  They are different.  Look again.  There are just certain scenes I can never catch the way I want in a picture, so I keep trying.

The last picture … all those evergreen balsam fir trees (Abies balsamea) … is a “fall color” picture, too.  In fact, it belongs here more than the rest, because there are more of those trees here than any other, and that definitely is autumn late afternoon sunlight on them.

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