Buddy, Prince of Balsamea to Die 8/5/2015

Buddy 20150801-SS0On Wednesday, August 5, 2015, The Balsamean will euthanize Buddy, Prince of Balsamea.

He chose Wednesday because there is a cord binding our hearts as three, and the third person will say goodbye to Buddy on Tuesday.  The cord has an existential role in Balsamea and its inhabitants’ relationships with each other and the world.  It has been a lifeline keeping me out of the hospital and morgue.  On countless occasions, the cord has heightened Balsamea to a state of being that banished impossibility.

Why publish this report before the date of death?  After it, the cord will have frayed loose ends needing attention.  One of the likely ways of dealing with them will be writing, though not likely for publication.

Among those loose and frayed ends will be the job of purging the house, yard and car — that’s a big one; it’s not a car, it’s a chauffeured canine motor home — of all evidence that a dog ever lived here, except for some memorabilia. Looking around, I see that this job is not small.

I can’t get a head start on it.  I have to wait until after he leaves. He heard me thinking about it (there’s no privacy around here) a few days ago and said, “Oh, sure. I get not even one paw in the grave yet, and already you’re giving away my stuff!”

One piece of good news right now, and going forward in the life of Balsamea, is that I’m here to write this, and I will continue pestering the Web for a long time to come.  At least, some people will see it as good news.  The others?  There’s still hope for them.  Nothing is impossible.

Thank you, Buddy.  You will leave us better than you found us, in ways we could not have done for ourselves.  That’s a gift to write home about, or just blog about, since home is here, and I’m staying.

I took these pictures on the morning of Saturday, August 1, 2015.

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Click here for HAPPY pictures of Buddy.

– The Balsamean