Buddy, Prince of Balsamea to Die 8/5/2015

Buddy 20150801-SS0On Wednesday, August 5, 2015, The Balsamean will euthanize Buddy, Prince of Balsamea.

He chose Wednesday because there is a cord binding our hearts as three, and the third person will say goodbye to Buddy on Tuesday.  The cord has an existential role in Balsamea and its inhabitants’ relationships with each other and the world.  It has been a lifeline keeping me out of the hospital and morgue.  On countless occasions, the cord has heightened Balsamea to a state of being that banished impossibility.

Why publish this report before the date of death?  After it, the cord will have frayed loose ends needing attention.  One of the likely ways of dealing with them will be writing, though not likely for publication.

Among those loose and frayed ends will be the job of purging the house, yard and car — that’s a big one; it’s not a car, it’s a chauffeured canine motor home — of all evidence that a dog ever lived here, except for some memorabilia. Looking around, I see that this job is not small.

I can’t get a head start on it.  I have to wait until after he leaves. He heard me thinking about it (there’s no privacy around here) a few days ago and said, “Oh, sure. I get not even one paw in the grave yet, and already you’re giving away my stuff!”

One piece of good news right now, and going forward in the life of Balsamea, is that I’m here to write this, and I will continue pestering the Web for a long time to come.  At least, some people will see it as good news.  The others?  There’s still hope for them.  Nothing is impossible.

Thank you, Buddy.  You will leave us better than you found us, in ways we could not have done for ourselves.  That’s a gift to write home about, or just blog about, since home is here, and I’m staying.

I took these pictures on the morning of Saturday, August 1, 2015.

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Click here for HAPPY pictures of Buddy.

– The Balsamean

8 thoughts on “Buddy, Prince of Balsamea to Die 8/5/2015

  1. It’s a brave and loving decision you’ve made for Buddy. I know he will always watch over you.

    • Thank you, Cathy. Yeah, now and then Buddy prefers that I make one of his brave and loving decisions for him. Kidding, of course. Actually, he reminded me of how I want the decision made for me when my time comes. He said, “Decide for me as you would want me to decide for you, if the sneaker were on a paw.” I said, “Well, okay, but you’ll have to paw-stamp this Power of Attorney.”

  2. Who could have asked for a better ‘Buddy?’ You were lucky to have him and he was lucky to have you. I know you will see him wandering about Balsamea from time to time. Good memories.

    • Thanks, Wally. Nobody could have asked for a better Buddy, because I had the only one. Well, they could have asked. Yes, lucky, for sure, and understated. Blessed. Yeah, I’m preparing myself for hearing Thunder Paws (his Indian name) come charging up from behind me on the trail, shoot past me, then from full speed instantly turn 180 degrees on a dime and stop, look back at me and say, “What took you so long?” I appreciate your insight about seeing him around. I’m sure it’s true. He’ll be around for a long, long time. And nobody will replace him.

  3. Thanks, HAH. Your being his only insider on the secrets of local dog society, Buddy wants you to know that he has the following to pass along to someone as a parting gift to his kind: (1) Unopened new 40 lb. bag of Sportsmix Wholesomes Chicken & Rice Formula dog food (comparable to Eagle Pack, according to Tails … but I get it for $10 less at my favorite clothing store, Tractor Supply). (2) New, unopened 32 ct. pkg. of large Dentastix. (3) New, unopened 5 lb. box of large Milk Bones. (4) The following are all partly used but always kept double-sealed and refrigerated — they last me a long time because they are given in inch-square pieces as rewards for standing there, being here, things like that: (a) Purina ProPlan Savor Lamb & Sweet Potato Tender Strips, Milo’s Kitchen Duck Jerky, and the newest, with probably 12-oz remaining in the bag, 16-oz Purina ProPlan Roasted Slices Chicken Breast. It would be nice if the recipient were someone of modest means, or in a special pinch, or a charity.

    • I don’t know of anyone that would fit your description of the ideal recipient personally, but I know Elmore is always in need, and you might drop into the local JCEO center. If they take it, I’m sure it would be well received by a family that would welcome the extra help for a pet.

      • Thanks. I’ll call JCEO but I don’t expect anything from it. Maybe they will take it for one of their thrift shops or food shelves. Still, I’d rather give it to an individual if I can find an opportunity for that. Elmore, yeah, it occurred to me. But I’m reluctant to donate to a so-called “no-kill” shelter. Maybe my guy at the transfer station will let me leave it at his booth for somebody to take, or he can take it home for his dogs. He and Buddy are pals.

  4. Thank you, Mazi. Since you mentioned it, I showed him the rainbows bridge website and he led me in a guided meditation on it. After studying it for a while, he said, “Ruh-roh. Where’s the woods? I don’t care about running and playing with DOGS! I want squirrels, rabbits, deers [he never did get some parts of the language], foxes, sticks, and root holes to excavate! I want to come home with campfire smoke and sticky pine needles in my hair!” I said, “Don’t worry, Bud. You’ll be right here in the woods with me forever.”

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