Good Again and Again

Human minds cling to negatives more than positives.  This helps us prepare for the next time a negative comes around, and lets us experience a positive anew again, unprepared for the pleasure.

Every year I marvel as in childhood, uplifted a little out of myself, as if it were my first time walking in the woods at night during the first accumulating snow of the season.

5 thoughts on “Good Again and Again

    • The best thing is that Buddy loves everybody, and makes it look easy. It’s not easy for me with anybody. Well, except for him and babies.

      Not a problem, but you made your comment here on a blog post unrelated to Buddy. See the Buddy menu to scan all posts about him. Or, to post a note that isn’t a reply to any particular post, see the Contact page. You can make public or private comments there.


    • Yesterday’s slushitation was this year’s first roof snow raking for me. The house doesn’t need it, but I don’t risk letting it build up on the 1972 camper. I’m confident that the shed can take the load, but I’ve never tried to see how much it really can can take and don’t want to find out the hard way. So I rake that, too. I always say that when I get too feeble to do it, I’ll find out how good my shed roof reinforcements are, and let the camper cave in.

      Glad to hear from you.


      • Mine has a very shallow pitch so a snow rake doesn’t work very well on it. I don’t worry about snow load but the back half will get foot thick ice dams if it isn’t shoveled, so that’s why I do it. Water backing up into the house is not a good thing, I found out the first year I lived here.


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