Spring Heralds – 2014

Several species and forms of Balsamean herald the advent of Spring earlier than all others.  They remind us of the unmerited gift of the life we have at Balsamea, and to live it consciously.

Like bells of mindfulness, they call our attention to the reality of now, to the blessing of being here, now.

They call us home from the illusory past and future, where one cannot be a Balsamean, and they bring us instead sharply into focus on the real.

For every season – for every moment – something does this for Balsameans.  To notice even that fact is like the revelations of Spring bursting to mind and melting the heart.

In response lies the miracle.  Bells ring for naught all the time.  I am too often an unresponsive Balsamean.

  Iced Fern   Pussy Willow   American Robin
Emerging through snow     Cladonia cristatella lichen and a tiny balsam seedling emerging from Spring snow 

Thank you, early Spring heralds.  May your inspiration of such best of Balsamean views brighten the days and strengthen the hearts of a thousand other people, raising them to fuller awareness of the goodness and beauty of their own Balsamea.

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