Balsamea Pregnant with Icicles

Many things are iciclable.  That’s eye-sick-la-bull.  Able to have icicles.  Here are some odd ones, and some traditional ones, from the perspective of a Balsamean.

Car Antenna Icicle 20121223

Some icicles seem to defy gravity …

Clothes Line Inverted Icicles B 2012122

There’s always a show-off in the bunch …

Clothes Line Inverted Icicles C 2012122

… who has to be bigger than everybody else …

Clothes Line Inverted Icicles D 2012122

When I was a kid, I would have tossed something up there to knock down this big icicle hanging from the roof, and then I’d eat it.  But …

Roof Icicles 20121223

Nowadays, I think about the doves who visit the roof who are not potty-trained, and smoke particles from the neighbor’s outdoor boiler, and acid rain, and the pitter-patter of little squirrel feet, and pine needles and leaves and owls upchucking little fur balls.  This is what happens when you grow up.  You can’t enjoy sucking on an icicle any more.

However, if I am an adult, I am an adult Balsamean.  These are icicle Balsameans.  We must commune with each other.  That is part of what makes me a better Balsamean.  After sleeping on it, and seeing how the icicles glistened in the sunlight the next morning …

Roof Icicles 20121224a

I did knock down a few.

If it’s not windy and you listen carefully, you may notice that if you tap off only the tips of icicles, each one creates a different musical note.

Roof Icicles 20121224b

If you have any sense of wonder left in you, you will enjoy marveling at the sparkles and shadows given by the sunlight:

(Click one to see them in full size)

Remember the wiseguy show-off on the clothes line?  In the bright, sunny light of day, another one showed up, on the second clothes line (all the energy efficiency experts say do laundry in large loads, right?):

I took a moment to contemplate the essence of icicle; that is, what makes it be what it is: sky, snow, gravity, warmth, light, water, a roof …

click for full size

click for full size

I so wished for sunlight before everything melted.  Yesterday much of the ice storm’s artwork did melt.  But by far not all of it (click pix for much bigger view):

Roof Icicles 20121224j lineRoof Icicles 20121224k lineRoof Icicles 20121224l line

And so, join me in a Balsamea Pledge of Childlike Attention:

I pledge attention to the wild and the happy beauty of Balsamea, and to its abundance of noble tree stands, one forest, under love, indivisible, with liberty and icicles on all.

And all the Balsameans said:


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Text and photos Copyright © 2013

12 thoughts on “Balsamea Pregnant with Icicles

  1. No icicles here yet, none at all. But… I’m too old and think about too much, to risk thinking they were ice pops. Fresh snow, however? I still always have to taste the first real fluffy snow fall. It’s a… tradition! And you know how important they are! 😀


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