Being Thankful

I went to a wedding where a little boy carried the rings up the aisle on a fancy pillow.  As he walked along, he growled loudly like an animal.  When asked why he growled, he said, “I’m the ring bear!”

I am thankful for Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me, the National Public Radio news quiz show, where I heard this ring bear joke, and where, unless your sense of humor is badly broken, I guarantee you plenty of smiles, snickers, chuckles and laughs during each one-hour show.

It’s Thanksgiving weekend, so I felt obligated to say at least something about being thankful.  Blogger duty called.

A bit more seriously:  I asked myself earlier this week what I was most thankful for.  Instantly, without thinking even one second about it, my mind, such as it is, went immediately straight to …

(drumroll, please)


Balsamea, my forest refuge.

What did you suppose I might have said?

(1) Click any picture to switch to full-size scroll mode for all of them, and where you can post comments on pictures.  Much prettier that way, although this gallery mosaic has its merits, too.  (2) Every time you refresh your browser page, this gallery sequence changes.  Try it for fun.

Yeah, okay, it’s a photographically effusive statement of gratitude.

I’m not going to ask you to post a comment saying what you’re thankful for.  You can do it if you want to.  But I heartily welcome and invite your posting a link to anything you wrote (or otherwise created) about or for thankfulness, gratitude, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, or whatever seasonal festivity you like / liked / want to like / ought to like / are forced to like / don’t like …

More boy humor for your gratitude:

  • Boy Humor … it’s about a certain sound, a “thing” with boys, I suppose.  And it’s from a blog with the URL where you’ll find that a few weeks ago the author moved to a new site, See Laurie Write.  Laurie says that earlier this year she ” jumped off the very comfortable and dependable ‘Full Time Job’ wagon to make my way as a writer.”  Amiga valiente!



9 thoughts on “Being Thankful

      • I thought Buddy would have been the first thought to what you are most thankful for. And I have to agree about the awesome photographs!

        • I see. Thanks for the clarification.

          Since Buddy is the Prince of Balsamea, he goes with the package, so to speak, in being thankful for Balsamea. That’s why he gets so much space in the series of Balsamea pictures here.

          Besides, if I said that Buddy was the first thought, he’d hear about it and get a fat head.

  1. You are the Great King of Balsamea and a super photographer. I loved the series. Question about the “bunchberries”: the leaves look like Trillium. Are bunchberries the fruit of Trillium?
    Nice home you have built. I love the size. Just right. You must be in heaven.

  2. These photographs are awesome! Really paint a large picture of all the beauty that surrounds you and all the things you have to be thankful for! Highly enjoyed looking at them! Really really cool stuff!

    • Thanks, Tom! After reading two of your posts, enjoying your writing and photography, I’ve joined as a follower and I recommend your site to nature lovers and nature writing lovers:

      When Timber Makes One Still (

      Your being someone fond of northern forest life AND WINTER (as am I), I look forward to you showing up in my inbox.

      Thanks for your “follow” here, too.

  3. Hi Dennis, I am going to finally put all that good information and those great maps of GOLDSMITH fishing to good use. I have reservation at Trailside Cabins in Mountainview (near owls head) for a couple of weeks surrounding Memorial day. If you decide to look for me in Goldsmith I drive a light green Hyundai Sante Fe. My sons may join me for a day or two. Because you have given me permission to share the info and maps I gave an abbreviated copy to my sons. Thanks again for all the info. I know how much you must miss Buddy. One of my sons had a beagle named Buddy and he misses him a ton. Take care and thanks again. Wally

    PS: I seem to have lost your email address and this is the only way I could find to thank you.

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