Nibbles of Balsamea

These little Balsameans (and Adirondack natives) have gathered here for no reason but to please The Balsamean.  Maybe you’ll enjoy it, too.  This is one case where clicking a picture will NOT get you a bigger view.  They are just sample 100-pixel views of SOME of the kinds of spring and summer living entertainment here.  (However, you can magnify with your browser or Windows features.)  These pix were clipped out of bigger ones that are even more beautiful, shot over the past several years, mostly within the past few years.  This show must go on, and it will.  These little Balsameans will perform for as long as we let them and protect them.  The display sequence is random, and will change every time you refresh the page or come back for another visit.  There are about 130 of them.  (All photos by yours truly at Balsamea.)

End of show

5 thoughts on “Nibbles of Balsamea

  1. Wow! Beautiful, fantastic, marvelous selection. The tiny pink-blushed blueberries were spectacular, as was the lady slipper close-up. I didn’t know WordPress could create a photo montage like that!


    • Thanks for your comment! I set out to create a set of single file montages each containing a collection of these thumbnails, to use as background and header images. Then I decided it might be nice to just upload all of them in a post, too. I used the WordPress thumbnail grid gallery option. Some day I’ll get back to what I set out to do.


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