Winter Views Part B

No comment from me.  Aren’t you glad?

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7 thoughts on “Winter Views Part B

    • On a hot day out there there at the edge of the world, you can visit my winter pix and cool your eyes. Oh … I thought somebody should say this for those who grew up on Wikipedia instead of Funk & Wagnalls: “equator” is the part of the earth that inspired Wal-Mart’s store brand name, Equate, because it goes all the way around the world, like Wal-Mart.

    • Thanks, Rebecca. Judging from your blog, you’re going to be a great environmental educator. Heck … you ARE a great environmental educator, with or without that master’s degree. For everyone else reading this, I want them to read this post of yours, which is how I happily landed in your space: Four Ways to Enjoy Nature in Winter. Plus, the winter activity you do so well: photography. All of your posts are terrific. For example, Valuing Wildlife, about what we say on our currency. Anyone who loves nature presented in fresh, beautiful and insightful ways should subscribe to

    • Yeah, whether it’s dirt or snow, if there’s something in it worth investigating, the nose goes there. Scares me the way he shoves his face into a burrow. I keep thinking he’ll get his nose bit some day, or quilled. But then I guess he’ll be more careful. BTW an interesting thing about porcupine quills: they contain a natural antiseptic agent, so usually they don’t cause infection.

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